exitmusicforafilmm said: could you say you have a top favorite band/artist of all time? after years of trying to think about it i discovered that radiohead was mine haha

Oh man Radiohead was probably the first band I really became a fan of after discovering them w/o the help of my family or friend circle s they’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Honestly I know and could talk a lot about them, Kate Bush, Fiona Apple, Janelle Monae, The Knife, MIA, and Bjork a lot

rue-de-constantinople replied to your post: I wish I had more people on here that …

Lemme know if you wanna talk about Bushcore sumtym

you got it!



it can’t be…. i don’t believe it… i’m too afraid to verify it by watching some… berenstein bears … jfc

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I wish I had more people on here that wanted to actively talk about the general music Im into

Björk - It's Not Up To You


well, it never really was

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"skyrim on PC is a completely different experience than consoles. the immsersive mods  will change skyrim from not just a game but to an incredible experience that everyone needs to see for themsel-"


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i sympathize with all my former catholic school kids 

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friend me on steam if you want to pubstomp with me in tf2. im leland palmer

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